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Quality Policy


ORMA S.R.L. introducing in its own organizational and management reality a Food Quality and Safety Management System (SGQSA) in compliance with the International Standard UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015, with the International Standard UNI EN ISO 22000: 2018, with the International Standard International Food Standard (IFS Vs .7) and the Global Standard for Food Safety (BRC Vs. 8) and in relation to the activities of


SECTOR EA: 3 - 29A

adopts a Food Quality and Safety Policy, i.e. the general guidelines and objectives that constitute the strategic opportunity to pursue the own corporate mission.

Corporate mission

Provide customers with a healthy and high quality product, communicate to the customer every characteristic of the product and provide assistance for the correct and effective



The choice of ORMA S. R L to act in accordance with the principles of Quality and Food Safety arises from the need to give evidence to itself and to the Clients / Customers the concrete advantages given by the introduction of a QMS, namely:

• use documented and standardized procedures in order to optimize and standardize the resources employed for the

product / service creation;

• ensure the transparency of activities, with a document system that is always updated and verifiable both inside and outside the structure

company, such as to provide a continuous assessment of the quality of business processes;

• ensure the continuous review and continuous improvement of all parts of the QMS, also with the valuable and required collaboration of the Principal / Client, to highlight any weak points and adequately reinforce them.


For the manufacture of products and the provision of services, ORMA S. R L undertakes with all its internal and external staff to:

Comply fully with contractual agreements, and this not only formally but also, and above all, substantially;

Make clear and transparent to all its modus operandi and the procedural structure of the QMS, consisting of the Quality and Food Safety Manual, Process Flow Chart, Context Analysis, Risk Assessment and Modules, without prejudice to the need to guarantee and maintain a "mutual confidentiality";

Guarantee to the Principal / Client, in every activity connected with the provision of the Services, the professional quality and high technical level of its members, as well as the adequacy and compliance of its organizational structure with the applicable legal and other requirements (engineering, safety, environmental standards, etc.);

Pay particular attention to technological evolution, careful and continuous research and, above all, ensure a continuous drive by each component of the Company to improve, individually and globally, the level of knowledge, awareness and competence;

Maintain and improve the suitable structural conditions of the premises and equipment in compliance with current legislation;

Ensure a level of safety and hygiene that is adequate for the use and expectations of the Customer;

Maintain and increase the competence and involvement of personnel as well as clearly define their responsibilities and duties;

Maintain and improve the relationship with suppliers in order to maintain control over the entire supply chain;

To sensitize all staff to maintaining hygienic conditions that do not expose the products to any risk of contamination;

Prepare and comply with operational, management and control procedures appropriate to the organization and objectives;

 Ensure that this Policy is disseminated, understood and shared at every company level, as well as disclosed to customers, suppliers, interested third parties and along the relevant supply chain;

Make the information collected on food safety available both within the company and throughout the agri-food chain;

Make available adequate resources (human, technology and infrastructure), in the face of planned investments.

Maintain and increase the commitment of personnel from an environmental and safety point of view in compliance with ethical principles


The General Objectives set by the Management and inspired by the company Mission are:

provide Services and supply Products that meet the needs and specifications of the Client / Customer;

provide production methods and systems that can be managed with maximum efficiency and with low production costs; aimed, in particular, at the use of the most modern technologies both specific to the field;

provide for management procedures such as to optimize the delivery times of the Services, without thereby penalizing the quality level or the safety conditions of the employed workers.

Improve the corporate image in terms of the safety of the products offered, with the consequent maintenance and expansion of the market share thus obtaining an increase in customer trust and loyalty;

Improve environmental sustainability and ethics,

Increase staff involvement,

Improve hygiene conditions

Environmental sustainability


The Management, taking the Mission and the Policy for Quality and Food Safety as a reference for its choices, at the start of implementation of the QMSA and, subsequently, in conjunction with the QMS Review activity, sets Objectives for Quality and Safety Feed specific and measurable and develop an Action Plan.

The Action Plan provides for the assignment of the time limits for achievement, the responsibilities involved and the economic and material resources necessary for each objective for Quality and Food Safety. The status of achievement of the objectives for Quality and Food Safety is

monitored, where applicable, by monitoring the performance of suitable performance indicators defined. The Quality and Food Safety Objectives are reviewed annually at the QMS Review Meeting by the Management.

The Management identifies itself as the Company Administrator (AU). He is responsible for carrying out periodic reviews of the QMS in order to assess the suitability of the Quality and Food Safety Policy, the status of achievement of the objectives set and, in general, the management and overall effectiveness of the QMS. To this end, an internal audit system is also implemented, entrusted to an external certified consultancy company.

For this management, the Sole Administrator (AU) appoints a Head of the Management System for Quality and Food Safety Mr. Vindigni Raffaele (RSGQSA RAM RAC), appoints a Tea m for Food Safety consisting of: Rosario Di Rosa (CRS ), Giovanni Maggio (CRF), Giovanni Vindigni (RP), Lorenzo Nifosì (RM), AU and RSGQSA, for the purposes of company management for Quality and Food Safety, have the following Responsibilities:

AU: ensure that a QMS compliant with the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard is established, applied and maintained; to the International standard UNI EN ISO 22000: 2018, to the International Food Standard (IFS) and to the Global Standard for Food Safety BRC) carry out assessments on the performance of the performance indicator parameters, check and validate all forms prepared by RSGQSA, examine the proposals for improvement to the QMS coming from any sector and previously filtered by the RSGQSA.

RSGQSA: drafting, managing and checking the QMS documentation, verifying its adequacy and correct implementation, as well as its effectiveness and efficiency.

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